what is
qualitative analytics?

It's the best of two UX methods
and sits right at the sweet spot
between qualitative in-person studies
and quantitative data analytics.



In-person UX studies provide you with actionable insights how your users interact with your product.


We use events, segments and funnels to filter through thousands of recordings until we find the relevant ones - similar to how Google Analytics works.


 Qualitative Analytics

Interpreting the recordings gives us an understanding of your product UX similar to a usability study.

To filter through thousands of recordings we use events, segments and funnels - similar to how quantitative research with  Google Analytics works.

And the best part?
It's affordable

We claim validate.design costs less than a quarter compared to a traditional in-person study. Bold Statement?

On average it takes about two weeks to define target audiences, recruit participants, facilitate the study, compile notes into insights and document those learnings in a reusable way.

The return time on our validate.design studies is 2-3 days.

On top of that, it's our time we spend on it. While we comb through thousands of recordings you're working on your regular tasks.


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