why are UX
so important?

Understanding your UX
increases product longevity
and reduces uncertainty.

Benefits of validating


The most important benefit is knowledge.
Knowing what works as expected and what needs more love.

  • You know what you've built works. And if it doesn't you'll know why. Over time your product quality will increase and two years from now you'll still have a sustainable product.

  • When you start with a (re)design a usertest gives you a basic idea of what currently works, what doesn't and how your users work around those gaps.

  • Showing is better than telling. Our reports come with examples as a visual way of proving to your stakeholders how your product is generating value or why you want to fix those flaws.

Risks of
not validating


You don't know, that you don't know.

With every unvalidated release you add more uncertainty, risk and blind spots to your product.

Since you don't know that your design decissions are flawed you re-apply the same patterns over and over again.


Analytics alone only
tell you that there is a problem.

Session recordings give you an idea what it is and how to solve it. Once data shows a problem you'll be on lost territory if you only rely on measuring conversion rates or other KPIs.

In those circumstances valdiate.design gives you a head start because you already have a deeper understanding of your product's UX.


no exact idea what to improve upon

From our own experience working in the UX design industry for years we know the pressure to make an impact with redesigns is real.

Without understanding the current flaws it's easy to fix the wrong problems and miss the KPI targets set. Those costs money and can damage the trust in your product team.

When should I validate?


first thing
during discovery

If you already have a current version and you're looking to improve on it, a validation will give you an understanding of the current UX and functionallity. With this knowledge you're able to make informed decisions during your design workshops on what to keep and how to improve.

every release

Everytime you release a new feature it makes your life easier to know that it works as expected. By combining qualitative validation with quantitative measurements you know your team is building a desirable product.

Did we miss something?

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