Validating your design costs less than a quarter
of a traditional in-person usability study.


Validate each release to know your product
works as expected (and stay sane).

Best Value

CHF 3000 / Study *

  • 6 pre-scheduled feature reviews to match your release cycle

  • In-depth analysis of 2-3 features

  • 2 days return time lets you implement the feedback in the upcoming sprint
  • Report with examples
  • Presentation call with your team


If you need to understand a specific feature
before or after updating it

CHF 5000/ Study *

  • In-depth analysis of 2-3 features
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Report with examples
  • Presentation call with your team

ux review

Get a hollistic view of your product UX,
learn what works and find gaps.

from CHF 10'000 / product *

  • Comprehensive review
    of a whole website or app
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Update Session at the half-way mark
  • Report with examples
  • presentation call with your team

* Software Licence needed
In order to use validate design, you'll need
a Smartlook licence starting at 80€ / month.



We'll make sure your fixes
work as expected.

CHF 1500 / Study *

  • Follow-up to any of our studies

  • Review of 2-3 fixes

  • Report with examples
  • 2 days return time lets you implement the feedback in the upcoming sprint


An expert teaches you how to
validate your UX design.

individual offer

  • One and Two-Day Trainings

  • Practical and no-nonsense
  • At your office or our place
  • Follow-Up Support inlcuded


For me as a founder
it was also a reality check and surfaced more than
I had expected.

Felix Stock, Founder kinderkiez

and answer

How about privacy?

By default all recordings are opt-in, anonymized and input fields are masked out. For most validations of this type that's just fine. In order to use our services you'll need to sign a DPA and adhere to GDPR standards, even if you don't deal wih european customers. We're a bit meticulous here. Privacy is something beautiful and we value it highly.

is this realy as good as in-person usability studies?

Honest answer: It depends. Our goal is to find 80% of the problems at a quarter of the cost or less. We find most important UX issues, but every now an then we point out findings where you'll need to follow up with other UX methods.

Do I need a software licence?

We will help you to select the perfect licence of Smartlook for your needs, starting from 80€ / month.

In case you've already got a Free or Starter Licence, please contact us. The available events on those licences are limited - and events are what make Smartlook so smart.


I would like to understand a native app

Perfect. We use Smartlook which is the only screenrecorder we know of that's equally good at recording both native and web apps.

IS validate design a session recorder?

No, we only do the research. The technical things are left to the pros, in our case Smartlook has proven to be the best session recorder. 

Does this require coding?

We'll send you a couple lines of JavaScript that need to be included to evaluate your website. Other than that rarerly any coding is required.

I've already got hotjar installed

Every recording tool is different and our workflow is optimized for Smartlook. Hotjar for example lacks the analytics features we need to filter through the massive amount of sessions. If you're using a different tool, please reach out to us.

not fully convinced yet?

See how validate design works
or send us an email, we love to chat.

And if you ask nice, we might set you up with a special arrangement for a trial study.

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