We run
remote usability
tests for you.

This helps you understand how real users
experience your live website or app.
No Recruiting or Preprataion needed.



In a Kick-Off Workshop we'll get to know you and your product. Together we'll take a look at your KPI and goals, the features under review and what feedback you're looking for.



Install session recorder

We'll send you a couple lines of JavaScript that need to be included to evaluate your website*. This can be done directly in the website or using Google Tag Manager.

* We help you with the paper work
to get the 👍 from procurement and legal



Record Sessions

Depending on your traffic, the session recorder will need a day or two to record a significant number of sessions in the background.



run the usability study

Our epxperts take the time to filter through the recordings, building events and funnels along the way. Based on these we understand what works and identify gaps.




Our report provides you with visual examples of successful functionallity and UX issues we found. It is written jargon-free for you to conveniently share it with your stakeholders.

You can choose who will get those results. Maybe your in-house UX team wants to review the report first?
Totally fine :)


The difference between validate.design
and a traditional
remote usability test?

  • Very Little Preparation
    no questionnaire or prototype needed
  • No Recruiting
    we usertest on live websites with all your visitors
  • Hollistic View
    we combine qualitative research and quantitative analytics
  • Unbiased Usertest
    not influenced by the facilitator or an artificial environment
  • It's Faster
    from briefing to report in three days

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