what's better
than a remote usability test?

 A lean remote usability test
done for you
with all your users
on your live product.



We use a session recorder to visualy record all the interactions of actual visitors in the background.
This means no artificial test environment, no facilitator influencing the participants and no resources needed for recruiting.

No preparation

We use the built in analytics (events, segments and funnels) to efficiently find and analyze the relevant recordings.
In other words, the hypothesis forms as we go from evidence we see.
No need to write a test script.

we validate

Think of us as a remote team member. We're experienced UX designers, besides the kickoff meeting there is little to no input we need from your side. And while we usertest you are free to pursue your work.

validate within days,
not weeks

step one


You tell us what feature you'd like to get validated.

step two


Live sessions of your visitors are recorded in the background.

step three


Our experts use qualitative analytics to review the sessions.

step four


You recieve a ready-to-be-shared report with examples.

Limited Easter

for every study
you Get a free
worth 1'500 CHF

Re:Validation is a Follow-Up Study to a primary study we conduct. It validates your updates and fixes to the issues we found previously.

It's a great way to improve quality and learn to even better understand your users. Both have long term benefits on your product and decission making.

or recieve your custom quote now.

Valid until End of April 2020


It combines the best of two UX methods and sits right at the sweet spot between qualitative in-person studies and quantitative data analytics eliminating their respective down sides. It ...

  • costs a fraction of an in-person usability study
  • let's you understand WHY people fail.

Key Benefits for...

Product Owner
and Managers

  • single feature validation
    or workflow integration
  • deliver higher quality products
  • reduce uncertainty and risk
  • better informed decissions

UX Teams
and Designers

  • run by experienced UX designers
  • iterate on your designs,
    increase their impact
  • more time for research,
    collaborative workshops and design

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Hi, I'm Tim (UX Designer and founder)
and happy to answer any questions related to remote usability testing.