the scenes

There's some paperwork and a couple lines of code included. Sounds daunting, but it's really simple.

1. sign DPA

In order to be able to record sessions, you'll first need to sign a Data Processing Agreement. That's a short PDF where you allow Smartlook to record and store data for you and agree to adhere to privacy laws.

Hey there, this is the default text for a new paragraph. Feel free to edit this paragraph by clicking on the yellow edit icon. After you are done just click on the yellow checkmark button on the top right. Have Fun!

2. update Privacy policy

Then you add a paragraph regarding Smartlook and your use of the recorded data to your privacy policy page. We can provide you with examples to use as inspiration if you wish.

3. Add Snippet

All that is left is to add a couple lines of JavaScript. These can be added directly or using Google Tag Manager. That's all it takes, you are now recording.

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